Big Opportunities in Resource Deployment and Services for Q4!

by Deborah Corcoran, National Director for Resource Deployment Services to IBM

How do you get to work on IBM/ISSC client projects and collaborate with IBM teams using the latest IBM Collaboration Software?

Well, the answer is quite simple—if you have seven or more years of solid experience in contracting and have kept up with learning the most recent releases in the IBM Software stack, send your resume to or contact me directly at Davalen, LLC. Continue reading


This year at Lotusphere 2012 – Career Opportunities – What???

 by Deborah Corcoran

Yes, this year at Lotusphere I am actively recruiting independent consultants who want to jump start their career in 2012 by working on cutting edge IBM projects! I will be looking for WEF Developers, WebSphere Portal Administrators, Architects and Developers, plus DB2 folks, and Domino gurus!


As Dave Jacob blogged previously…“what a difference a year makes….The  growth of contracting opportunities in the WEF space and other IBM software technoligies,  has enabled us to become a Tier 1 provider directly to IBM/ISSL”…


So, be sure to stop by the Davalen booth # 312,  I look forward to discussing the opportunities with you, hearing about your skills sets, and your availability to make a great career move in 2012.

Don’t forget, Davalen  authored the WEF Top Gun training materials for IBM, so we will also train you in the technology and keep your career moving forward.

WEF wags the dog at Lotusphere 2012…

Dave Jacob

by Dave Jacob

What a difference a year makes. Last year at Lotusphere 2011, Davalen was touting the career path move for Domino developers to Web Experience Factory (WEF) and now that move has taken over our business!

We doubled our development staff in this space and continue to train and contract with former Domino developers. We have seen major adoption of WEF by major corporations in the US and abroad and continue to win new engagements and add staff. With IBM’s move to adopt WEF as one of the preferred portal and web application development tools, we see continued major growth this year. This growth has enabled us to become a Tier 1 provider directly to IBM /ISSL and insure additional penetration in this market.

Stop by our booth #312 in the Showcase to discuss how this may be a good career move for you to become a Davalen employee or contractor. Yes, we are hiring and we authored the WEF Top Gun training materials for IBM, so we will also train you in the technology and keep your career moving forward.

Information on where to find us can be find on our Lotusphere 2012 event page.

I read the sign at your Lotusphere 2012 booth. What’s this about Social, Mobile and Staffing Support?

So, you’re walking around the Solution Showcase at Lotusphere 2012 next week, trying to take in all the people, signs, and overall scale of the room when you walk past Exhibitor booth #312. “Davalen”, you might read, “hmmm… let’s see, RapidValue… a huh, social development… mobile…staffing support… interesting… I wonder what that all means?”

Well, of course, you’re more then welcome to ask one of the lovely Davalen staff members but maybe you’re in a rush to get to the next session and are dreading the walk between the Dolphin and Swan again because you forgot your comfy shoes. Have no fear… my Lotusphere Marketing Mashup is here!

Infrastructure for Social Development

Social business software and services help you become a social business and Davalen provides support infrastructure for social development with market leading technology, extensive expertise, and a lengthy track record for solving challenging problems. Davalen provides the latest solutions that offer an integrated, extensible set of capabilities utilizing IBM Connections, IBM Sametime®, and IBM Lotus Quickr®.

Connections is a social software designed for business, while Sametime® provides an integrated, real-time communications services. To round it out, Quickr® provides team collaboration and content management software.

Extend User Access to Mobile

Davalen understands everyone is on the go and therefore can extend user access to mobile devices for IBM Lotus Notes®, IBM Sametime®, and IBM Connections so your employees can access their information wherever they might end up.

Mobile access to existing web applications is accomplished using IBM Web Experience Factory. Davalen mobile design patterns allow a single code base to be used to serve up an application to web browsers or mobile devices.

IBM/ISS Tier I Staffing Support

Davalen provides subject matter expert (SME) resources nationally across all of the IBM Software Services (ISS) portfolios. And, our clients utilize and rely on those very same Davalen technologists for help with their projects. Our IBM certified technologists specialize in the latest IBM software products and solutions, from cradle to grave; including environment assessments and recommendations for a higher return on your IBM software investment (ROI). We provide our clients with experienced technologists who truly understand IBM software, from architecture, design, administration and implementation, to custom development.

So, those are my three bullet points explained and while, of course, we still have our large focus on collaborative software solutions for the enterprise in other ways (Lotus Domino, WebSphere Portal, Retail & Enterprise Search and Web Content Management) we’d love to chat with you about all of these services, software, trends, and more!

Come visit us at Booth #312 at Lotusphere 2012 this year. We’ll have recent projects showcased at our booth so you can see what we’ve been working on this past year and we invite you to share what you have been working on with us. See you there!

Jump start your career in 2012 with Davalen, LLC, a Premier BP to IBM Software Services!

Stop by Davalen Booth#312 at Lotusphere and meet with Deborah Corcoran, Davalen’s Resource Deployment Manager, for new Career Opportunities!

Give your career and skills a shot of excitement!
Davalen is currently looking to hire corp-corp (1099) consultants with the following IBM software skill expertise:

  • IBM WebSphere Architects, Administrators and Developers
  •  IBM Web Experience Factory Developers (Formerly known as IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory)
  • Senior level IBM Lotus Domino Architect, Administrators, and Developers specializing in Lotus Notes Connections, Quickr and QuickrJ, and Lotus Notes Mobile applications

Do you want to start working on cutting edge engagements with high profile nationally known companies? Then here’s your chance to make an exciting change to Davalen, LLC, a, a Premier core Business Partner to IBM Software Services.

Come to Booth #312 at Lotusphere 2012 to learn more about exciting career opportunities with Davalen. If you are not attending Lotusphere this year, please send your resume to:

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2010 Closes Strong and the Momentum Continues into Q1

Deborah Corcoran

by Deborah Corcoran, National Practice Manager for Resource Deployment Services to IBM

In closing out 2010, Davalen had a huge uptick in resource staffing requests across the board in all IBM software applications – everything from upgrades to new application integrations. Despite the international economic challenges, IT staffing held strong.  Davalen customers know that we are the “go to” Business Partner for all things IBM, especially when it comes to our highly skilled and IBM certified consultants.

Q1 is starting out very strong and trending toward more staffing opportunities that are longer in term. The contracting resource requests coming across are for projects that are much more expanded in length than in previous years, especially for Q1/Q2. Customers have started to focus on projects that were set to launch in Q4, but didn’t seem to either get the funding or time ran out due to holiday schedules.

The big push so far is for Lotus Notes Connections installs and integrations with various other IBM software applications such as WebSphere. The WebSphere space seems to be really taking the lead in Q1 as is Portlet Factory.  More and more of our customers are inquiring about our Portlet Factory practice and how they can integrate this application into their current environment.

Our New Years momentum brings us right into our countdown for Lotusphere 2011! Davalen will be exhibiting for the 4th year in a row at Booth # 221. Lotusphere is always such a great venue to share stories and gain important industry information, so please stop by and say “hello.”

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us for of your IT Staffing requirements and I look forward to seeing you at Lotusphere!

Davalen’s Staffing Services Gears Up for Fall 2010!

by Deborah Corcoran, National Resource Manager

It’s hard to believe that September is here! Where did the Summer of 2010 go? Davalen Technical Staffing Services was super busy this Summer with contract staffing requests from our customers; everything from assessing infrastructure environments, Lotus Notes migration upgrades, Portlet Factory training via our “virtual” training labs, WebSphere Portal installation and mentoring to installing Lotus Mobile Connect, Lotus Connection Manager, and Lotus Notes Traveler Lotus Traveler on executive iPads – this mobile software suite request for installation and testing, was very much in demand!

Davalen is here to help assist our customers with our highly skilled technologists, who provide our clients with RapidValue Services – designed to ensure clients receive the most value from their IBM software investment. With our “just in time” staffing services model, we help balance your busiest project times by getting our folks on-site at your location, or working remotely. Davalen technologists are experts in all IBM software skills and  “parachute in and out” seamlessly into your environment.

We can discuss in detail any technology “pain” points you maybe experiencing or if you are thinking of engaging with us for a mini-assessment of your technical environment. Our Davalen contract services team can help resolve issues that your environment might be experiencing or offer recommendations for more ROI from your IBM software investment – it’s just that simple, and you can feel confident that you are getting IBM certified technologists who are experts with the IBM software stack.

Our services consist of a customized blend of system architecture, hands on training, mentoring, “just in time” technical services staffing implementation assistance.

Gives us a call at 800. 827. 8451 or email us now – what are you waiting for?

The Additional IT Projects

From Deborah Corcoran, National Practice Manager for Resource Deployment Services to IBM

This month’s eNewsletter highlights Davalen’s Staffing Services Practice.

First, I want to thank our clients who contacted us regarding our “mini” Domino assessments and upgrades; what a tremendous response!

Over the last few months, in addition to the requests mentioned above, Davalen clients have utilized our pool of technology resources as a seamless extension to their IT departments. Clients who have “additional IT projects” or pain in areas that require immediate attention, find that our technologists are the perfect relief. By utilizing Davalen senior consultants on a time and material basis, customers are able to fill in the gaps where needed, without having to go through an expensive and time-consuming new-hire process. Our “just in time” recruiting model allows you to make the most of your internal staff by balancing critical need times with slower time periods. All of our technologists are familiar and able to solve critical need problems and all have experience in the latest versions of IBM software.

So, before you start your next project, give us call to discuss how Davalen time and materials professionals can assist your IT team.

Please call (800) 827-8451 or email me at to discuss your critical business needs.

This article is from our monthly resource E-Newsletter. Did you miss our monthly eNewsletter? Click here for a full version (only live for 30 days prior to original date) and if you want to begin receiving our monthly newsletter write to Ruth Jarvis and request to be added to our E-Newsletter list.

Health checks for your Domino infrastructure environment!

From Deborah Corcoran, National Practice Manager for Resource Deployment Services to IBM

Put Davalen on your calendar now!

In Q1, our Davalen technologist’s calendars were extremely full, Monday – Friday, as they were performing Davalen mini Messaging Environment Assessments (MEA) at customer sites.

Many customers have upgraded to Notes 8.5.1. due to all of the new social networking applications, which are part of this latest release. Clients are making sure they start with a “clean and updated” environment.

Clients were pretty excited about reviewing the results of the assessment, and finding out what was going on within their Domino infrastructure. Many interesting items came up, such as orphaned emails, dead email boxes, legacy apps that were no longer being used and that could be possibly slowing down their systems, etc.

So if you haven’t scheduled with us, give us a call to set up an informal, yet informational discussion with our folks and to schedule a “mini MEA.”

And of course, if you are finding that you may require some technical staffing assistance to help bridge your work load gap, please give me a buzz and we can discuss various “just in time” staffing options for your business.

Schedule your own mini-MEA today by calling 1.800.827.8451.

Technical Staffing Remains Steady for Q2

From Deborah Corcoran, National Practice Manager for Resource Deployment Services to IBM

As Q1 comes to a close, Davalen’s National Technical Staffing Practice experienced quite an “uptick” in requests for technical services. Moving toward Q2, many of our customers are assessing their Domino environment as they focus on upgrading to 8.5. Davalen provides help during this evaluation process by partnering in several key areas of the decision making process as your trusted Premier IBM Business Partner.

Increasingly, clients are choosing Davalen’s expertise with Lotus products to educate their technical staff on enhanced software capabilities including: Lotus Quickr, Sametime and WebSphere Portlet Factory.

If you are interested in an assessment – please give us a call 1.800.827.8451